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The Perfect Mother’s Day For Every Kind of Mom

When it comes to how we talk about motherhood, it’s out with the old and in with the honest. There is no one size fits all for parenting, and there is no right or wrong way to be a mother. For a mother as particular, authentic, and special as your own, your Mother’s Day gift should follow suit. Whatever sickly sweet mug you bookmarked or promo code you saved in your notes app, forget it. Mom deserves more this year, and we’re here to help you execute. Here are five great Mother’s Day activities for every type of mom in... View Article


5 Boozy Brunch Spots in Downtown

September 6, 2022 Let’s talk brunch. Whether your plate is packed with chicken and waffles or a classic eggs benny, nothing pairs better with brunch than a cocktail. Make it a Bloody Mary or bottomless mimosas, a boozy brunch is the ultimate way to wrap up a weekend or begin a new week. Let’s raise our *bottomless* glasses for a toast to some of the best boozy brunch spots in New Haven. Olives & Oil Bottomless mimosas? Yes, please. Found in the heart of New Haven, Olives & Oil is an Italian restaurant with an electric twist. Between 11 a.m... View Article


Try Chef Claire Criscuolo’s Simple Vinaigrette On Your Next Salad

If you are undecided on your next meal and have trouble deciding if you want breakfast, a sandwich, or even have a craving for Mexican food, it’s time to pay a visit to Claire’s Corner Copia located Downtown. Owner Claire Criscuolo opened the restaurant, over 46 years ago, with her beloved late husband, Frank.  Claire has been feeding the residents of New Haven delicious vegetarian fare before vegan, gluten-free eats were in the zeitgeist. Growing up, Claire found inspiration in her mother’s kitchen, whipping up dishes alongside her mother and grandmother. Her mother had a pension for fresh, homemade foods... View Article


Hartford and New Haven: A Tale of Two Capitals

Hartford and New Haven: A Tale of Two Capitals Can you name the Connecticut state capital city? If you said Hartford, you’d be right — well, half right. At one point in time, the state of Connecticut was home to not one, but two state capitals, one of which was none other than New Haven. New Haven and Hartford shared the plate as co-capitals for the Connecticut General Assembly until 1878. Connecticut state legislators would travel back and forth between the two cities to attend alternating bi-yearly legislative sessions – talk about a commute. Why Have One When You Can... View Article


All About The New Haven Green: From Its History to Its Mystery

16 acres long and made of nine symmetrical squares – downtown is made up of 9 squares, New Haven’s Green is made up of quadrants and pathways, the New Haven Green is the beating heart and soul of our city. The Green has lived many lives, once standing as a religious epicenter cloaked in the echoes of 19th-century church bells. Fun fact about the Green? The Puritans who founded New Haven and planned the Green designed it to be exactly large enough to lift and spare the 144,000 people whom they believed would ascend in the Second Coming of Christ... View Article


What’s In a Name? Welcome to New Haven.

Back in 1638, a group of English Puritans boarded a ship dubbed “The Hector,” and set sail for the future. They arrived in the heart of the New Haven harbor and settled into what was then known as Quinnipiac. Just two years later, the town of Quinnipiac was given a new name – New Haven. The moniker, which stemmed from an English maritime village, reflected the residents’ hopes for their new home. New Haven would be just that, a new haven for immigrants in search of a new life, religious freedom, and prosperity. That legacy held firm for centuries, seeping... View Article