Where Eating is Believing

Always hungry? Not to worry, because you’ve come to the right place. The Elm City is home to a dazzling array of gastronomic delight, offering just about any cuisine you can think of. In need of some date night fun or a leisurely Sunday brunch with some adult beverages? Trust us, we’ve got this. From Modern American to Turkish, Spanish, French, Indian, Japanese, desserts, coffee, libations, craft beer and everything in-between – we’ve got it all.

We do like to brag about all the culinary talent in the Elm City, and for good reason. We have an unfair collection of award-winning chefs like Claire Criscuolo of local favorite, Claire’s Corner Copia, and the innovative Chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi – who’s been making tidal waves in the sustainable seafood movement for years. Did you notice that we haven’t even talked about pizza yet? Quite frankly, words don’t do it justice, but let’s just say that we have our very own delicious style of thin-crust, coal-fired pies (we call it “apizza”) and that we can go toe-to-toe with the likes of New York and Chicago any day of the week.

Simply put – we’ve always eaten very well in New Haven, and we know you will too.

Food Trucks

Fact: Some of the best food comes on four wheels. Need proof? Take your pick of de-licious dishes served from the windows of food trucks scattered across New Haven, where a street food revolution of epic proportions (er-portions) has taken the city by storm. For those new to the food truck scene, a French-Viet-style sandwich from Chief Brody’s Banh Mi is always a good place to start, unless, of course, you’d rather get your paws on a gloriously gooey grilled cheese sammy from Caseus Cheese Truck. For more serious street food fanatics, a foray to Food Truck Paradise is well worth the $1 tacos that await. Coffee lovers: when close by Yale’s campus, keep a watchful eye out for a refurbished school bus distributing espresso to sleep-deprived first-years to snag a caffeine fix from Jitter Bus’ mobile café.