Think Outside the Car

Thanks to a citywide affinity for sustainable transportation, the City of New Haven has made enormous strides toward improving biking infrastructure and safety, promoting citywide bike-sharing programs, and allowing cyclists access to public transportation options. For cyclists taking the train to New York City, Metro North allows passengers to bring their bicycle on board during off-peak hours. In addition to trains, visitors can also place their bikes on CT Transit buses when traveling into the City.

In 2017, New Haven debuted Connecticut’s first two-way protected bike lane stretching from City Hall all the way down to Long Wharf Nature Preserve, where cyclists can soak up some of the city’s finest waterfront views.

Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to take advantage of New Haven’s special BikeShare program, which enables riders to check out and return bikes interchangeably from stations located around the city. For those who don’t know where to start, goNewHavengo is the perfect guide to exploring New Haven on two wheels.