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The Perfect Mother’s Day For Every Kind of Mom

When it comes to how we talk about motherhood, it’s out with the old and in with the honest. There is no one size fits all for parenting, and there is no right or wrong way to be a mother. For a mother as particular, authentic, and special as your own, your Mother’s Day gift should follow suit. Whatever sickly sweet mug you bookmarked or promo code you saved in your notes app, forget it. Mom deserves more this year, and we’re here to help you execute. Here are five great Mother’s Day activities for every type of mom in New Haven. 

Mother Nature

Do you have a “let’s go for a walk” mom? Perhaps, a “it’s a beautiful day out there” type of mom. Fear not, New Haven has enough park space for every mom this Mother’s Day. Did you know? 17% of our city’s 21.2 square miles are dedicated to park spaces? That’s more than 2,200 acres of park yearning for a picnic blanket. Across New Haven’s 21 parks, the entire family can celebrate mom under the spring sun. From East Rock Park to Lighthouse Point, our parks feature a variety of activities for every type of family, from walking trails, to splash pads, skate parks, fishing piers, and more. 

Mom, The Artist

She hung your popsicle stick art on the fridge because she loves you, not because you’re an artistic visionary. For the art-loving mom, there is no better gift than a day of artistic immersion and introspection alongside New Haven’s vibrant artist community. Until May 21, bring mom to NXTHVN to see their latest exhibition, “Not For Sale.” NXTHVN is a national arts model that empowers artists, curators, and the New Haven community by accelerating the careers of the next generation of creatives. “Not For Sale” is a tribute to Black and Brown communities that explores the relationship between culture, consumerism, and community. The gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday from 2PM-6PM, so stop by before taking mom to debrief and discuss over dinner. 

House of Mother 

She dressed you for the first five, ten, maybe eighteen years of your life, let her have her own moment this year. For the fashionista mothers of New Haven, the shopping culture of the Whitney-Audubon Retail & Arts District and Ninth Square are the place to be. Home to a unique selection of vintage selling gems, antique home furnishing sellers, and hipster friendly and stylish vintage boutiques like Strange Ways, a day of shopping and quality time in Downtown New Haven makes for the perfect gift. 

Stage Moms

She’s with the band. What better gift for the woman who gave you life than a live performance of “Stacy’s Mom.” If your mom’s wish is to have a fun night on the town with her kid, take her to one of the many live music venues in Downtown New Haven. Venues like Firehouse 12, a renovated and redesigned 20th century firehouse, the musician’s living room Café 9, the legendary Toad’s Place and the recently renovated College Street Music Hall, all provide stages for traveling mega talent and local rising stars alike.

Moms Who Just Want To Be Alone For One Single Day, Please

There’s no mom shaming here. Sometimes the only thing better than time spent together is time spent completely alone. If your mom is in need of a retreat this year, gift a her a night (or two) at any of Downtown New Haven’s most loved hotels. From the library-themed halls of The Study at Yale to the suites of Hotel Marcel, the first net zero hotel in the country, any of New Haven’s temporary lodging options will be a perfect home away from home for the homemaker. The latter of which was recently nominated in 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards by Conde Nast Traveler!

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