Newsflash, art lovers: No need to go to a big city to savor some of the most famous masterpieces from the ancient to the modern world. Home to over 200,000 artifacts from various civilizations ranging from ancient times to present day, the esteemed Yale University Art Gallery offers visitors a lifetime of art to behold. For starters, the museum itself is a dazzling work of art, crafted by renowned architect Louis Kahn, who designed the main gallery as an homage to the power of form and light. Also within the Gallery’s walls, John Trumbull’s iconic Revolutionary War paintings are a must-see for American history buffs.

Officially opened to the public in 1977, the Yale Center for British Art to houses the largest collection of British Art outside the UK. Spend a day exploring the Center’s diverse collections for an exclusive look at the development of British art and culture from the Elizabethan period onward.

For those who prefer a more intimate creative setting, New Haven hosts plenty of gallery spaces for seasoned collectors and curious visitors alike. In the Elm City, there’s no such thing as art that’s off-limits, the city’s vast collection of public art is unrivaled in the state.