New Haven – Landing Page (Food & Drink)


“New Haven’s robust culinary scene goes way beyond crust, sauce and cheese (even if it is the best around)”

– USA Today 2017

A Scene for Every Foodie

Internationally inspired gourmet fare or brunch burgers, New Haven’s foodie scene can do both. Bursting with culinary talent, our collection of award-winning chefs monopolize the New England foodie scene. Take our very own Louis’ Lunch, a fourth-generation family-owned grub spot, whose ‘hamburger sandwiches’ have been pleasing crowds since 1895. Consider Claire Criscuolo of local favorite, Claire’s Corner Copia, who has been serving up kosher and vegetarian food with a flair since 1975, or the innovative Chef Emily Mingrone of Tavern on State, the award-winning restaurant located in downtown’s East Rock neighborhood. Come for the grub, but save room for a drink at the iconic cocktail club, Anchor Spa, led by seasoned entrepreneur and bar owner Karl Franz Williams. 

Here, we put mashed potatoes on pizza and turmeric in cocktails. Come to us hungry, we saved you a seat. 


Among the natural laws that govern the universe, one universal foodie edict remains: “You’re not legally allowed to love pizza if you haven’t eaten it in New Haven, Connecticut.” (via Thrillist)


Add New Haven to your travel itinerary this year, and brunch like you’ve never brunched before at over two dozen of the Elm City’s most eggs-ellent eateries…


Hunting for the best burger in the country? The search stops on the Connecticut coast, where New Haven ‘steaks’ its claim as the burger capital of New England…

Libations & Craft Beer 

Come for the food, stay for the drinks. Whether you want to sample craft beer from a local brewer or enjoy a crafty cocktail from an acclaimed mixologist…


There is no better feeling than indulging in your sweet tooth and no better place to do it than in the Elm City (don’t worry, we won’t tell your dentist).

Coffee & Tea

If you’re in need of a little pep in your step, look no further. Caffeinators can rejoice the moment they set foot into any one of our many (and incredible) cafés…

Food Trucks

Fact: Some of the best food comes on four wheels. Need proof? Take your pick of de-licious dishes served from the windows of food trucks scattered across New Haven, where a street food revolution of epic proportions (er-portions) has taken the city by storm.