Ready. Set. Splurge.

In need of some retail therapy? Step right up! The shopping list never ends in New Haven, where 78% of businesses are independently owned or operated and year-round deals abound.

The historic Chapel Street boutiques are a great first stop for shoppers looking for high-end shops like idiom, Derek Simpson Goldsmith, and Raggs for Men & Women, as well as national retailers like LL.Bean. Fashion is easy to find over on Broadway, where big stores like Urban Outfitters mingle with smaller regional retailers on Elm Street like Del Monico Hatter. Ninth Square nooks like English Building Market and vintage clothing favorite Civvies should not be overlooked.

The Shops at Yale

Located in the heart of downtown on Chapel Street and Broadway, The Shops at Yale is a one-stop-shop for high-end boutiques like idiom, and Derek Simpson Goldsmith, as well as national retailers like Apple, Patagonia, lululemon and J. Crew. Likewise, for those who prefer bookshelves to department stores, Elm Street hosts several smaller nooks ideal for posting up with a laptop and espresso.

Whitney-Audubon Retail & Arts District

Within walking distance to some of New Haven’s most exciting cultural attractions (i.e. The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History), the Whitney-Audubon Retail & Arts carries some of city’s finest schools, learning centers and art organizations, including the Creative Arts Workshop, Neighborhood Music School and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven. In addition to its artistic flare, the Whitney-Audubon area is known for its extensive supply of antiques and home furnishing stores to explore, including historic mainstays like Walker Loden and Katahdin Furniture. In the summer, there’s nothing better than taking a break from shopping to enjoy a crepe at one of the colorful café tables outside (sponsored by the Town Green District). You can thank us later.

Ninth Square

Tucked away in the southeast corner of downtown, Ninth Square is another New Haven burrow bustling with eclectic food, entertainment and nightlife. From live, late-night jazz at Firehouse 12 to free hands-on demonstrations at Artspace, Ninth Square always has something to offer.  The same is true for the neighborhood’s retail portfolio, featuring hipster-friendly gems like Artist and Craftsman Supply and vintage favorite Civvies that each possess their own flare.