A Conversation with Caffe Bravo’s Giovanni Morra

A true taste of Italy exists here in New Haven, and it’s just behind the doors of Caffe Bravo. A hidden gem of the East Rock neighborhood, Caffe Bravo serves up fresh pasta and delicious Italian eats, from New York Style Calamari to rich Burrata Pomodorini. This month, we caught up with Giovanni Morra, Owner and Head Chef of Caffe Bravo to chat all things culinary.

Culinary Beginnings: “I learned from and worked under Chef Marco Giuliano at Strega in Branford. He is an amazing Italian chef from Naples, Italy, which is also where I am from. He guided me and taught me what it truly means to be a chef. My greatest culinary influences come from The Napoli and Campania regions of Italy.”

Let’s Talk Menu“For me, a great menu maintains the authenticity of Italy & its cuisine. Here at Caffe Bravo, our Polpo (Octopus) is definitely one of the most popular dishes. It’s a classic dish in Naples, and I love serving it here in New Haven. As for my favorite thing to prepare, it’s definitely our house-made pasta. Every one of our pastas are made in house, and some, like ravioli or cavatelli, are made entirely by hand. When I have the time, you can also find me making pastries. I have a thing for dough.”

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