Summer Fridays: New Haven Style

The season of the summer Friday is here, have you logged off yet? For the lucky few in the working crowd, summer brings office closures every Friday afternoon, giving employees a kick start into the weekend. If you’ve found yourself in that lucky few, spend the afternoon with your neighbors in downtown New Haven. From the sun-kissed shores of Lighthouse Point Park to the tantalizing aromas wafting through downtown’s bustling dining districts, the city is ready to kick off an unforgettable season of festivities. With a myriad of activities at your fingertips, you can craft the perfect day off – erm, we mean, summer Friday. 

Consider beginning your free afternoon with a visit to Lighthouse Point Park’s 82 acres of stunning waterfront views. At the same time, you enjoy a stroll along the sandy shores, a refreshing dip in the calm waters, a hike through a nature trail, and a splash pad for the children. The park also features one of the only remaining carousels in the country for visitors of all ages to climb aboard for just 50 cents. Spend the evening dining, shopping, or exploring, and wrap up your night by walking through the New Haven Green, soaking up the sweet summer night air. 

For those seeking a dose of post-work retail therapy, downtown New Haven has many shopping options. Downtown’s distinctive shopping district, which begins on Chapel Street and crosses over to Broadway, is home to charming local boutiques and specialty stores, offering everything from trendy fashion to unique handmade crafts. 

Looking for dinner plans? Experience culinary fireworks over dinner at any of downtown’s most popular restaurants. From casual eateries perfect for the family to upscale dining establishments for couples looking to make the evening romantic, the city caters to every palate. If you prefer to end the work week with a pizza, visit any of New Haven’s world-famous pizzerias. Whether you’re dining on a slice of Pepe’s world-famous white clam pie, sharing a Sally’s white tomato pie, or gorging on Modern Apizza’s almighty ‘Italian Bomb’ pie, you can’t go wrong with a local slice. 

Weekends aren’t for wasting, especially not in New Haven. If you’re lucky enough to have an extended weekend, take the opportunity to experience our city’s rich historical heritage and welcoming community. Turn on your “out of office,” shut your computer, and meet us downtown.

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