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Leaf-peeping and Ghoulish Things

Summer turns to fall, kids grow into adults, and leaf peepers become trick-or-treaters become . October marks the official entrance into leaf-peeping season, with peak fall foliage color estimated to be on display from October 3 to November 8. Looking for the best spots to leaf-peep in New Haven? Check out our blog post! Whether you journey to East Rock or Westville, don’t forget your hiking boots.

If you prefer twisted licorice to fallen leaves, and peanut butter cups to pumpkin spice, then you’re in luck. October is more than leaf-peeping season, it’s spooky season. Throw on your costume and mingle with your neighbors in Downtown. Our most popular costume prediction? You guessed it, Barbie. If you’re looking for your Barbie of choice, check out our blog post and meet Academia Barbie, Bruncharound Barbie, Fitness Barbie, and more. Looking for spooky festivities? Check out The Ghosts of New Haven Tour, The Grove Street Cemetery tour, or the Center Church Crypt tour. Enter if you dare. 🪦

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