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NXTHAVEN is Transforming the City’s Artist Community

New Haven is a haven for many. Academics find their home on the Yale campus and from the student section of the Yale Bowl. Nature enthusiasts find exploration across our more than 2,000 acres of green park land. The future of medicine, cuisine, music, and art lives here. Did you know your neighbor might be the next big name in art? Enter NXTHVN

NXTHVN, founded by Titus Kaphar, Jason Price, and Jonathan Brand, is New Haven’s cutting-edge center for transformative art mentorship and career guidance, redefining the foundations of artistic development. Located in the lively Dixwell neighborhood, the artistic community has curated an innovative education model integrating mentorship and fine arts apprenticeship. 

The core of the NXTHVN experience is its year-long fellowship program, designed to accelerate careers in the arts by providing essential skills and knowledge and fostering creativity and critical thinking, creating a fast track for aspiring artists. The program curriculum emphasizes hands-on, one-on-one instruction from established artists. 

Beyond nurturing artistic talent, NXTHVN is committed to fueling entrepreneurial ambitions within the local community.NXTHVN aims to foster and identify opportunities for emerging local entrepreneurs, positively impacting the city’s artistic and economic landscapes. 

So, where does the magic happen? Located in the heart of downtown New Haven, NXTHVN’s 20,000-square-foot studio has been transformed into a complete creative ecosystem where students can curate various exhibitions with their talents. In his vision for and creation of the space, Titus Kaphar said it “ felt like an amazing opportunity to share what art had done for me.”

NXTHVN’s commitment to artistic evolution is further exemplified by its emphasis on collaboration. Artists within the community are encouraged to branch out from their traditional methods of creation and explore the intersections of art with technology, science, and social issues. This dynamic blend of art forms, from traditional painting and sculpture to immersive digital experiences. This progressive outlook helps NXTHVN engage with the wider public, inviting them to be part of the artistic process through exhibitions, interactive events, and workshops. NXTHVN’s influence is redefining art education and how it can bring society together.

Overall, NXTHVN’s core values of passion and perseverance through creation demonstrate what it means to be truly transformed through the power of art. In fostering an environment that nurtures artistic talent, NXTHVN is revolutionizing the artistic landscape in New Haven and across the nation. The story of NXTHVN is a prime example of how art can transform lives and communities.

Now on view at NXTHVN? Artist Saya Woolfalk’s Field Notes from the Empathetic Universe, features kaleidoscopic art investigating global traditions and cultural differences. The installation is on display until November 19 at NXTHVN Gallery.