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Three New Haven Restaurants Open For Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is marked by laughs shared, memories made, and dishes dirtied. Did you ever consider that a holiday meal doesn’t necessitate that third item? If you’ve ever been tempted to skip the culinary grunt work that goes into the Thanksgiving holiday and indulge in the creations of chefs more practiced than you, look no further. As one of New England’s most exciting culinary hubs, New Haven is home to a selection of celebrated restaurants that are open for business on Thanksgiving. These restaurants are here to give you one thing you really can be grateful for – a night off. From classic American fare to European inspirations, your Thanksgiving meal can be served, rather than slaved over. Here are three New Haven restaurants open on Thanksgiving. Make your reservations now!


John Davenport’s

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill

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