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Ways to Spend National Self Care Day in New Haven

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends since the new year, then it’s high time to take a moment for yourself. The holiday you never knew about, but now will never forget, National Self Care Day, returns on April 5th. Self care looks different for everyone, but there is no denying, we all need it. Whether you prefer to unwind in the sun, the shade, or the corners of your Netflix queue, April 5th is your day. Here are just a few of the ways you can spend National Care Day in Downtown New Haven. 

Reading the Tea Leaves

If you prefer to rejuvenate to the sounds of a coffeehouse playlist and among the aroma of fresh espresso, stop by one of New Haven’s many coffee and tea shops. From Willoughby’s Blue State Coffee, to B-Natural Kitchen, to Atticus BookstoreBook Trader Cafe, each of our coffee shops can promise a comfy place to sit and a mug of something steaming. 

Float Your Worries Away

Looking for a unique self care activity? Visit Ripple Float & Wellness Center at the Omni Hotel for therapeutic floating, whole body cryotherapy, and infrared sauna and massage services. Ripple’s state of the art salt water Float Tanks allow weightless floating for a truly unmatched relaxation experience. 

Buy Yourself Something Nice

So your love language is gift giving? Prove it. Pick up something nice for yourself, we call that self care. Maybe your home needs a spring refresh? Visit Kebabian’s Rugs, which has been beautifying New Haven homes since 1882. Ready to outfit your new workout resolutions? Stop into lululemon at The Shops at Yale

Feed Your Sweet Tooth 

Don’t mistake self care for health care, they are not always one in the same. Sometimes, all you need is two scoops in a waffle cone or non-celebratory cupcake. Step into Claire’s Corner Copia, Arethusa Farm Dairy, or Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop to pick up something sweet. Treat yourself, you deserve it. 

Fill Your Fridge With Sustainable Snacks

It may sound boring, but for many of us, the ultimate act of self care is just getting things done. What feels better than a completed errand? Lame but true. If you’re working on making more sustainable shopping choices, check out some of New Haven’s best independent grocers, like Elm City Market and Nica’s Market. 

Plan a Golf Day

If a few hours on a quiet stretch of manicured green lawns is your ideal form of self care, then by all means, golf in New Haven. The Yale Golf Course reopens for the 2023 season on Tuesday, May 2nd. So, you’ve got one month to get your buddies together, shine your shoes, and dust off your clubs. 

Whatever your form of self care, do it with us. We’ll see you in Downtown on April 5th, expressing your self-love via a warm drink, a brisk walk, or a long receipt.